Every bunch of grapes, every land, every project which we put into action is a new beginning, a quest to the limits of an ever higher quality.  Passion and dedication have always led us to carry out our work as wine producers with the aim of expressing to its fullest the potential of our land: Friuli.
Conti de Puppi

The estate is divided in two sites, one in the heart of Colli Orientali del Friuli, an area dedicated the production of high quality wines, and one in Moimacco, nearby Cividale, the pearl of Friuli, where there is the family villa and the cellar. The limited dimensions of the Company allow to take the best care of the wineyards and to select the variaties more suitable to these lands. All winemaking procedures are strictly followed, from the collection of the grape harverst to the wine bottling.

In the cellar, tradition and technology have been brought together, the thermo-controlled stainless steel fermentation vats and the French oak aging barrels are used alongside the old wooden vats and the ancient wall tanksThe dedication of the work done in the cellar represents the natural continuation of the work in the vineyards, carried out with enthusiasm and meticulous attention to detail.


Ribolla Gialla


SOIL TYPE: Marl and sandstone flish of Eocene origin.

VINIFICATION: Early harvest in order to obtain a base for the spumante with good acidity and not too high alcoholic content . Grapes are pressed then macerated with the skins for a short time.

FROTHMAKING: Cuvèe is prepared by frothmaking in an autoclave using the Charmat method lasting four months at controlled temperature of 16 – 17 °C and on his yeasts for refining.


GRAPE: Ribolla Gialla 100%

COLOUR: Straw yellow; a fine and persistent perlage

SMELL: Fragrant bouquet of flowers with hints of bread crust.

TASTE: Fruity, delicate and fresh.


GOES WELL WITH: A wonderful aperitif and perfect with fish dishes and risotto’s.

WINEMAKERS: Marco Pecchiari, Caterina de Puppi

0,75 lt € 12,81

Taj Blanc

WINEMAKING: these grapes are harvested quite early to keep typical flavours of this variety. The fermentation occurs in stainless steel tanks under thermally controlled conditions between 15 and 17 °C. Malolactic fermentation does not occur.

COLOUR: bright straw yellow-greenish tones.

NOSE: elegant and soft, delicate bouquet with orange blossom and white peach tones.

PALATE: well balanced, velvety with taste of fruits and bitter almond. A very good expression of one of the most famous and original wine of Friuli.

AGEING: 2-3 years

0,75 lt € 9,72


WINEMAKING: The grapes are pickedin early September. Before fermentation they are kept chilled to avoid oxidation of the must. The fermentation occurs under thermally controlled conditions between 15 and 17 °C in stainless steel containers with different selected yeasts. Malolactic fermentation is not carried out.

COLOUR: Clear straw yellow with golden tones.

NOSE: Very elegant and quite intense with notes of apple and tropical fruits. The scents ripen into nutty tones of walnut and hazelnut with an underlying honey aroma.

PALATE: Very pleasant, velvety and well balanced with nose. Easily drinkable with a equilibrated body and a long and pervasive tale. Almond and honey tones are rouded by exotic fruit flavors.

AGEING: 2-3 years

0,75 lt € 9,72


WINEMAKING: grapes are picked in different phases of maturation to maintain the complexity of this variety and cooled with carbon dioxide snow before fermentation to preserve the beautiful aroma of this wine. The fermentation occurs in stainless steel containers at controlled temperature with selected yeasts. Malolactic fermentation is not carried out.

COLOUR: Bright straw yellow with greenish tones.

NOSE: Pervasive and very intense; vegetable notes of sage and tomato leaf are accompained by extremely elegant pirazine aromas.

PALATE: Rich inviting flavor, long and harmonic. Average length and good body, very typical.

AGEING: 2-3 years.

0,75 lt € 9,72


WINEMAKING: The grapes were picked at the end of August. On arrival at the cellar, they were chilled with carbon dioxide snow before crushing to preserve their aromas. The must was fermented at controlled temperatures in stainless steel vats. The wine matured on the lees and malolactic fermentation was not carried out.

COLOUR: Bright intense straw yellow with orange tones.

NOSE: Elegant with hints of orange blossom and fruity notes of apple, pear and exotic fruit.

PALATE: Beautifully balanced, revealing great subtlety and satisfying body, then a broad after-aroma.

AGEING: 2-3 years

12,50° - Bottiglia da 0,75 lt € 9,72


WINEMAKING: these grapes are harvested quite lately and selected one by one before destemming. The fermentation occurs in stainless steel containers under thermally controlled conditions with different selected yeasts to increase the complexity of the final product. Malolactic fermentation and final maturation occur in woody tanks.

COLOUR: intense ruby red.

NOSE: elegant, soft with clear notes of red fruits

PALATE: well balanced with taste of red fruits mixed with chocolate aroma. Good body with very soft tannins, long end very pleasant

AGEING: 4 years and more

0,75 lt € 9,72


WINEMAKING: The grape is collected at the end of Septemberin order to obtain the best quality of must for this wine. The fermentation occurs under controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks.  The wine rests a short period in barriques where it carries out the malolactic fermentation and the final maturation before being bottled.

COLOUR: Red intense

NOSE: Intense, balsamic and spice.  The herbaceous note is hardly perceivable.

PALATE: Soft, full and persistent.  Velvety and delicate tannins, thefruity aromas are followedby a clear taste of liquorice and grass; pleasant and long lenght.

AGEING: 4 years and more.

0,75 lt € 9,72


WINEMAKING: The grape is collected at the end of September; bunches are selected one by one, destemmed, and then vinified in stainless steel vats under controlled temperature. The wine aged in oak tanks for a briefperiod  where it carries out the malolactic fermentation and the final maturation before being bottled.

APPEARANCE:  Intense ruby red

NOSE: Intense sensation of elegant leather, very typical, with notes of ripe red berries and violets overlaid with balsamic spice.

PALATE: Powerful and persistent. Velvety with sweet tannins, typical aromas are followedby a clear taste of fruit and minerals, and close-woven; pleasant and long length.

AGEING: 5 years and more.

0,75 lt € 10,88

RB label was born in 1998 for Rosa Bosco’s will, a wine accomplisher, a small legend in the Friuli’s oenology world. For many years Rosetta bought the grape from vine growers, who let her grow the vineyard in accordance with her requirements allowing her to achieve her target: the top quality. Since July 2006 Rosa Bosco transferred her production in the cellar of Villa de Puppi.

Ribolla Gialla.jpeg

Ribolla Gialla

VINEYARD: Ribolla Gialla is the most famous white autoctone Friulian variety; our grapes come enterily from hillslopes of Rosazzo.

SOIL: Eocene marl.

WINEMAKING: The grapes were carefully picked by hand at the end of September. On arrival at the cellar, they were crushed under controlled temperature and atmosphere to preserve their aromas. Alcoholic fermentation was carried out in stainless steel vats at low temperatures. The wine matured on the lees for six months: part of it remained in stainless steel tanks and part fined in barriques.

ALCOHOL: 14,50°

APPEARANCE: Clear golden yellow.

NOSE: Fresh, very elegant with florality notes, complemented by background notes of vanilla.

PALATE: Well bodied, with pronounced but very well-balanced acidity. Inner-mouth florality leads into a fresh, minerally and long finish.

AGEING: 2-3 years.

WINEMAKER: Marco Pecchiari, Alessio Dorigo.

0,75 lt € 14,75

Sauvignon Blanc

VINEYARD: Hills in Manzano and Premariacco. Training system: Guyot.

SOIL: Eocene marl.

VARIETY: Sauvignon blanc 100%.

HARVESTING: The finest parcels of grapes from our vineyards were selected for this wine. A hand thinning was carried out just after the veraison. The grapes were harvested by hand in august in small boxes.

VINIFICATION: Grapes were selected one by one in the cellar before destemming. The must remained in contact with the skins for few hours at low temperature and then gently squeezed. The fermentation took place in 80% new and 20% one-year-old French oak barrels where it underwent full malolactic fermentation. The wine stayed on the lees for 10 months, during this period it has been regularly stirred and then bottled.

ALCOHOL: 14,5°

APPEARANCE: Deep golden yellow.

NOSE: Complex and very intense, revealing distinct notes of mature peaches, exotic fruit and gardenia.

PALATE: Great structure, very mouthfeel and a long length. Clear sensation of cream merged with ripe tropical fruit, especially pineapple, against a background note of sweet vanilla.

AGEING: Already an excellent wine but it can further develop its great potentiality if aged for 5 or more years.

SERVING TEMP: 12/14 ° C.

WINEMAKER: Marco Pecchiari.

0,75 lt € 26,28, Magnum 1,50 lt wooden boxed € 63,56

Blanc de Blanc

VINEYARD: Chardonnay from Rosazzo hills - Colli Orientali dei Friuli.

SOIL: Eocene marl.

GRAPE: 100% Chardonnay harvested by hand.

WINEMAKING: After a very soft pressing, must is macereted at low temperature. Primary fermentation takes place in old barrels where wine completes the malolactic fermentation. The wine remains on the lees until tirage than it refermentes in the bottles, where it stays on the lees for at least 3 years before the final “dégorgement” as described for a classical “Méthode Champenoise”.

ALCOHOL: 12,5°

APPEARANCE: Deep straw yellow: very fine and persistent perlage.

NOSE: Intense, fresh, with pronounced yeast notes and green apple final flavour.

PALATE: Broad and soft, hints of breadcrust, then tropical fruit and mineral notes.

AGEING: Very interesting from now with growth potential till 2 years after “dégorgement”

ENOLOGIST: Marco Pecchiari, Alessio Dorigo.

0,75 lt € 23,88


VINEYARD: Hills in Rosazzo and Manzano. Training system: Guyot.

SOIL: Eocene marl.

VARIETY: 100% Merlot, which we like to consider the prince of red wines.

HARVESTING: The grapes are harvested quite late, slightly overripe. Thinning is carried out in July: only the best grapes are selected and left on the plant.

VINIFICATION: The bunches are selected one by one before destemming, and then vinified in oak barrels. The malolactic fermentation and final maturation take place in part new, part one-year-old French oak barriques for 24 months. It was bottled in spring 2010 and then it maturated eight months in the bottle.

ALCOHOL: 14,50°

APPEARANCE: Intense ruby red.

NOSE: Very intense and powerful. Elegant aromas of red fruit (strawberry and fresh cherry) followed by notes of violet and pine resin with clear backdrop of spices.

PALATE: Very mouthfeeling, immediately warm with ripe red fruit and chocolate notes. Subtly vanillaed with sweet elegant tannins. An intense and balanced note of nutmeg and raisins in the finish and a perfect lenght. A very elegant Merlot.

AGEING: An immediately appealing wine that can age in the cellar for ten years or more.


WINEMAKER: Alessio Dorigo e Marco Pecchiari

0,75 lt € 31,50, Magnum 1,50 lt wooden boxed € 68,00

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