Out of time - Sunday morning is the perfect time to enjoy a stroll rich of inspirations, memories and flavors in the Castelvecchio estate in Sagrado, Goritian Karst. A typical local lunch awaits you at the old trattoria Lokanda Devetak.

MORNING. Visit to the Castelvecchio estate. Its wonderful location offers you a panoramic view of not only the Italian Collio and the Slovenian Brda but of the whole Friulan plains and the Grado & Lignano lagoons on a clear day. The attached Ungaretti park lays on the land where the poet fought during the First World War One and wrote the verses of his work “Porto Sepolto”. The nearby Villa della Torre hosts 18th century frescos and was used as an emergency camp hospital during the war; here you will be able to spot the wall graffiti left by the soldiers when they were hospitalized there. The visit to the estate will end with the tasting of their best wines, including the Terrano, in both its classic and unusual sparkling versions, and the Malvasia. Lunch will follow in the old trattoria Lokanda Devetak in business since 1870, famous for its focus on locally grown produces and seasonality. Bread and pasta are freshly made in house, vegetables and fruits come from their own gardens and wild herbs are hand foraged in the immediate surroundings. 

€88 per person - every sunday at 10:00 AM

Min 2 persons, the fee includes the guided tour at Castelvecchio estate and the lunch at the antique Devetak restaurant.