Trout, Prosciutto & wine - A Saturday to taste and, why not, to bring home some of the best local and traditional products. The cold smoked trout of Friultrota, the world famous San Daniele prosciutto, and the strictly local wine varietals of winery Emilio Bulfon.

MORNING. Visit with tasting of Friultrota, a smoking house founded in 1970 by Giuseppe Pighin in his quest to revive old flavors. His focus is on the valorization of the trouts freshness: plenty of running water, low farming density, unforced feeding and respect for their natural mturing time. The salmon trout, known as “the queen of San Daniele”, will reach a weight of 8-10 kg in 7-8 years of quality farming. You will be then transferred to the prosciutto house DOK Dall’Ava, which combines the old meat curing traditions of San Daniele from the ’70s with one of the best and most innovative food entrepreneurship of today’s Friuli-Venezia Giulia. You will visit the world’s first “prosciutto learning center” and the curing and aging rooms and then you will enjoy a vertical tasting of their best prosciutti.

AFTERNOON. Visit with tasting experience to the winery Emilio Bulfon in Pinzano al Tagliamento, whose admirable merit is to have saved many local wine varietals such as the Piculìt Neri (dry red), lo Sciaglìn (dry white, offered in both still and sparkling versions) and the l’Ucelùt (desert white), from extinction. A unique wine offering that can be purchased only on the premises since these wines are not distributed elsewhere.

€78 per person - every saturday at 10:00 AM

Min 8 persons. The tour includes the transport (incl. admission fees if any), a tour leader at your disposal, insurance coverage, fish trout tasting, lunch with hams, wine tasting. The tour will take 8 hours leaving from Udine (it is possible to agree the departure from another city).